SEnergy Advantage

  • Ease of Access

    • Monitor equipment from anywhere
    • Solution is not capital intensive
    • Offers best in class process monitoring
    • Available on SAAS (Software as a Service) Model
    • Wide variety of tools designed for real time energy monitoring, measurement and verfification (M&V), and cost allocation analysis
    • Designed to detect energy saving opportunities, reduce energy and operational cost, and automate key analytics and reporting
  • Detect, Quantify & Alert

    the stakeholders
    • Phase Deviation exceeding limits
    • Power Overload as against specification of the Equipment
    • Single Phasing
    • Frequency Deviation
    • Power Factor Deviation
    • Voltage Deviation
    • Duty Cycle Deviation
    • On/Off status of the Equipment
  • Preventive Mesaures &
    Cost Savings

    • Speedy problem detection and resolution
    • Prevent Electrical Mishap leading to fire hazards
    • Remotely monitor the present status of Equipment/Facility including the ON/OFF status of the equipment
    • Improved Decision Making
    • Minimize maintenance time & cost
    • Conserve Energy
    • Maintain multiple facilities with a Single Dashboard - Knowledgeable Electrical Maintenance team
    • Improved Visibility